Anonymous asked: Um hello! I'm sorry to bother you but I am Japanese and I find it offensive if white people wear kimono. Sometimes Japanese invite white people to wear kimono with them, and thats ok! But a white person buying kimono on their own and wearing it to "be Japanese" and "look cool" is cultural appropriation. Traditional dress is holy! I get bullied a lot by white people for my opinion, so I don't expect you to care about what I say. But I think you should check out thisisnotjapan on Tumblr! Thanks!!












arent kimonos basically a bastardization of the chinese hanfu anyway

its clothing. kimono literally translates to “to wear”. id be completely empathetic if someone was donning a kimono and caricaturizing the japanese by being a completely racist asshole; but some weeaboo nerd who thinks being japanese and WANTING TO LOOK COOL (which is a good thing???) is literally the opposite of racist. its naive and fetishy, sure. guess that makes the whole human race a group of dickbags though since we all borrow from each other ALL THE TIME

but i seriously do not understand the immediate knee-jerk negative reaction to anyone outside of a culture showing an interest in said culture and trying to immerse themselves in it, even if said immersion is a dip in the pool with the tip of their toes

whether or not yall like it, cultural preservation is unrealistic. sjws can fight against the tide all they want but all signs are pointing to COMPLETE CULTURAL UNITY especially as the world population keeps growing

so you know whatever, keep being racist fucks if you want but just dont shell it out like youre fighting a good fight

*makes a comic about a strawman sjw speaking over a made-up poc*
*speaks over an actual poc*

i thought every person who claimed to be a poc was faking it or just white people pretending to be pocs for leverage ANYWAY 

alt: sjw’s are talking over pocs who disagree with them and trying to speak for all pocs errywhere

alt alt: i have kicked so many bees nests so so many

You’re still talking over PoC what a fucking surprise


EDIT: this is an actually horrible exchange like wow 

You made a comic disregarding all the black people who tell non-black people why wearing dreads is appropriative because “hey one black person said it’s okay so FUCK THE OTHER BLACK PEOPLE”
a Japanese person is trying to inform you on cultural appropriation of the kimono but you OBVIOUSLY know more about it than they do so fuck them, huh?Shut the fuck up.
You are just as shitty white social justice bloggers who pretend they know better than us. And “”MY POCS ARE MORE REAL THAN YOUR POCS”” Congrats! You’re a fucking racist.

You just contradicted yourself. You said sarcastically “ONE BLACK PERSON SAID IT WAS OKAY SO ITS OKAY FOR ALL BLACK PEOPLE” and then immediately after said that plebcomics should shut the fuck up because one Japanese person said wearing a kimono is cultural appropriation. Why would your first statement apply to your scenario but not to this one?

You’re a hypocrite who gets pissy over inconsequential issues. If anyone should shut the fuck up it’s definitely you.

And what the fuck is this “us” shite? There is no “us”. There’s you and other ignorant bloggers with your opinions that you call facts, and then there are others with their opinions. Don’t make this some moronic race war, this bullshit is bothersome enough as it is.

Except there is no race war I’m starting.
Paranoid much?
The Japanese anon sent them a blog that Japanese people (not just one) discuss these types of things. In fact many Japanese people are discussing this on their blog so no, not being a hypocrite.
And other black people besides me are tired of white people matting their hair and calling them locs not just me.
You can literally google this shit up.

There are also Japanese people telling plebcomics that they are completely fine with people wearing kimono, not just one. So yes, you’re still a hypocrite.

Also, people getting mad about something doesn’t mean their anger is justified. There is literally nothing appropriative about wearing your hair how you choose to wear it.

You’re not oppressing anyone by wearing your hair in dreadlocks, and it’s not negatively impacting anyone. And before you send me a link to that little African-American girl who couldn’t wear her hair in locs like that’s some example of systematic oppression via hairstyle, the majority of administrators at that school, including the principal, were black.

Finally, I never said you specifically were starting a race war. But using an us vs them mentality, which is what A LOT of “social justice” blogs on Tumblr do, is exactly the kind of mindset that breeds hate, ignorance and generally produces a negative outcome.

But just because a few people say that something is okay with them does not represent the majority of that community.
So, no, a small minority giving her the okay does not give plebcomics the okay to wear a kimono just to “look cool.” Just like a small minority of black people telling her that dreadlocs are okay to wear if she’s white doesn’t mean it’s actually okay.

There is still a large amount of black people who have a problem with it.
And no one said white people wearing dreadlocs is oppressing anyone. 
But it is a problem when black people are fired or expelled from school from wearing something that’s in their culture while white people can continue their everyday lives with no problem. That’s why it’s considered cultural appropriation.
Just because you and a few others think it’s okay does not mean it’ll go well with the other members of your community.
You’re also carrying the us vs. them mentality. So is it safe to say that you’re  being hypocritical too? 




this is the face of a broken man

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